How Laser Hair Removal Works

Before Your Treatment

  • Please do not take any antibiotics within the 2 weeks prior to your appointment. Certain medications, like specific antibiotics, can risk photosensitivity which causes increased sensitivity to the heat/laser and risk skin damage.


  • Avoid long direct sun exposure two weeks before treatment. Having long sun exposure can risk discoloration to skin’s pigment. Be sure to always wear SPF 30-50.


  • Do not wax, pluck, thread, use any hair removal creams, bleaching creams at least 3 weeks before your appointment

  • No self-tanning, tanning lotions at least 2 weeks before.

  • No using chemical peels, AHA/BHA, acids, or retinol products at least one week prior to treatment (ex. Face, Neck areas)

  • Avoid laser treatments during pregnancy (unless a physician’s note is provided).

  • If shoulders and below body areas are being treated, SHAVE the day before treatment (unless otherwise told by your esthetician).

One The Day of Your Appointment

  • Come in with a clean area. No make up, lotion, creams, oils, deodorant, or any products on.

  • Be sure to disclose any current medication you’re taking or have any medical history.

  • If highly sensitive, you may apply numbing cream 20-30 mins prior to your appointment, or take a pain reliever an hour before to help relieve tension.

After Your Treatment

  • Avoid any long direct sun exposure at least 2 weeks after treatment. If exposed for a long time, there is a risk for hyperpigmentation.
  • Do not exercise 24 hours after treatment
  • No taking a hot shower for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Do not apply any deodorant 3-4 hours after underarms treatments.
  • Do not wear makeup 3-4 hours after a face treatment.
  • Avoid exfoliation within 7 days after treatment
  • You can only shave between laser hair removal sessions. Hair/pigment is needed in the follicle for the laser to target. If you do not shave for your appointment, the laser will singe the hair resulting in a painful burning or possible scarring.
  • Bumpiness and redness are normal, and it will go away. Apply 1% hydrocortisone cream at home to help reduce the irritation of the skin.
  • About 7-14 days after treatment, some hair will begin to fall out or “spit out,” this is normal – it looks like the hair is growing, but in fact your hair is shedding from the skin. We recommend you exfoliate after 7 days.
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